Frequent Questions

Where does the data come from?

A large portion of the data on this site is available thanks to the fine folks who maintain the ProPublica Campaign Finance API. You should donate to them.

How often is data updated?

There isn't a set interval for data updates. However, the process is mostly automated and new data can be fetched fairly quickly. So, updates will occur regularly, but you'll likely see the most movement around the monthly FEC Filing Days.

Can I share the data?

Most of the data on this site comes from third-party sources. You should consult ProPublica's Campaign Finance API license and the Federal Election Commission's official sale and use restrictions. Feel free to link to this site, download the provided CSVs, or share any of the graphics, but please retain attribution.

Why do your maps look weird?

Good question! It's because they aren't maps at all! They're cartograms. Specifically, they are Congressional District Hexmaps by Daniel Donner for Daily Kos Elections. Maps are really good at telling us some things, like where things are or what shape a given geography is. But when we're talking about things like Congressional districts or groups of people, maps tend to give us the wrong impression. Just because something is bigger doesn't make it more important. Since Congressional districts all contain (roughly) the same number of people, it's helpful when our visualizations are the same size. A single district in Montana might cover a large geographic area, but it still represents the same number of people as a geographically tiny district in Chicago. The Hexmap cartogram is an excellent way to visualize Congressional districts because it maintains population proportion while roughly correlating to actual geographic locations.

Who are you?

CongressCash is a project by Matt Hodges. Previously, Matt worked on the primary tech platform used for online fundraising, events management, and supporter outreach by Hillary Clinton. He can be found on Keybase and, if you insist, email.